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Returning Player Registration


Returning Player registration for the 2015 -2016 season for players who are 7yrs old and older (Mites through Midgets, 2008 through 1997 birth years) will be open from Mar 2 – Mar 15.  Registration for returning 6yr old players (Mighty Mites, 2009 birth year) and all 5yr olds (Mini Mites, 2010 birth year) will open April 1.
Parents wishing to register their child for the upcoming season are strongly encouraged to do so in this two week period.  Once we have a count of returning players, we will start to invite new players into the program from the waitlist.  This must be completed before travel tryouts commence in late March.  Returning players who register after March 15 will pay a late fee, as well as the possibility of not having a position in the program.
As of March 2 the Returning Player registration form can be found at under Register Online:
7yrs old and older (2008 - 1997 birth years) Returning Players:  2015 - 2016 DYHA Returning Player Registration Form

As of April 1 the Mighty Mite and Mini Mite forms can be found at under Register Online:
6yr old (2009 birth year) Returning Players:  2015 - 2016 DYHA Mighty Mite Registration Form
All 5yr old (2010 birth year) Players:  2015 - 2016 DYHA Mini Mite Registration Form
For further information, please refer to the Registration Information tab on the left hand pane at

by posted 02/26/2015
This Sunday (3/1) is SUPER SUNDAY!!!

DYHA would like to invite you to the culmination of our wonderful house leagues this coming Sunday March 1 starting at 1pm at Darien Ice Rink. In other words… ITS SUPER SUNDAY TIME!!!!

For those new to the program or those who haven’t yet experienced the sheer awesomeness of the event, Super Sunday is the final day of our house leagues and where the champions are decided in each league from Mite to Senior Major. This event, more than anything else, shows why we have the greatest house leagues in the region!!!

The Schedule is:

1-3pm: Mighty Mites

3:10pm: Squirt House Finals

4:20: Appleton Awards

5:00: Mite House Finals

6:20pm: Senior Minor House Finals

7:40pm: Senior Major House Finals


Please stop by to cheer on the kids, support DYHA House leagues and watch some great hockey at all age groups!! You will be glad you did. 

by posted 02/26/2015

Congratulations to the players and coaches of the CT Ice Cats U12A and DYHA Girls U10A teams on their CHC State Championship wins this weekend. 

CT Ice Cats U12A brought home the Girls Tier II trophy and now head to the New England Regional Tournament in Maine.

DYHA Girls U10A won the Squirt Tier IV Wales Division. 

Last week, DYHA Mite A, Mite B and Mite C scored a Hat Trick at their State Tournaments with their CHC Championship winning performances.  Mite A took home the Wales Division trophy, Mite B the Nutmeg Division and Mite C the Governors Division.

DYHA Bantam B rounded out the weekend bringing home hardware as CHC Championship Runner-Up in the Campbell Division. 

by posted 02/16/2015
The Biggs Award - Scholarship for Graduating DHS Senior

This year, as in prior years, DYHA will award a scholarship to a graduating Darien High School senior who has participated in the DYHA program. Named in memory of Darien High School student Todd Copeland Biggs, and funded by Friends of DYHA, please see the attached letter for additional information: The Biggs Award

by posted 02/11/2015
2015-2016 Midget and Bantam Spring Tryouts

The DYHA is pleased to announce the dates and times for the March 2015 tryouts for our Midget and Bantam travel teams.


Midgets (1997 - 2000 Birth Years)

March 24             Darien Ice Rink                  6:00-7:00pm       (Birth Years TBD)

March 24             Darien Ice Rink                  7:10-8:10pm       (Birth Years TBD)

March 26             Darien Ice Rink                  6:00-7:00pm       (Birth Years TBD)

March 26             Darien Ice Rink                  7:10-8:10pm       (Birth Years TBD)

March 28             Terry Connors Rink            6:20-7:20pm       (Grouping TBD)

March 28             Terry Connors Rink            7:30-8:30pm       (Grouping TBD)


Bantams (2001 and 2002 Birth Years)

March 25             Darien Ice Rink                  6:00-7:00pm       (Last Names TBD)

March 25             Darien Ice Rink                  7:10-8:10pm       (Last Names TBD)

March 28             Terry Connors Rink            4:00-5:00pm       (Last Names TBD)

March 28             Terry Connors Rink            5:10-6:10pm       (Last Names TBD)

March 29             Terry Connors Rink            4:00-6:00pm       (Grouping/Timeslots TBD)

March 31             Terry Connor Rink             6:20-8:30pm       (Grouping/Timeslots TBD)

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Winter Weather and DYHA Hockey

As the winter weather becomes more active, please bear in mind the following Winter Weather guidelines.  As the teams decide what to do regarding any given weather event, please keep in mind Safety is paramount, and that ultimately any decision regarding travel to a rink and player participation should based on the comfort level of each individual family.

1. Assume rinks are open unless you hear otherwise from the DYHA or your coach.  We will send a note to your coaches and update the website as conditions change or develop.

2. Your team’s ice slot will not be adjusted and coaches can use it as they see fit.  If your coaches feel conditions warrant the cancelation of practice they are free to do so and will inform you via email.

3. With regard to games, your coaches will be in touch with their opposition counterparts to make sure everybody is on the same page.  In the event they mutually decide to cancel a game they will inform the team via email.

4. Please keep an eye on the website as we will also post major developments there as conditions dictate.


by posted 01/23/2015
DYHA Waitlist Registration is Open

The DYHA Waitlist Registration is open for 1997 - 2009 birth years

If you are interested in joining the DYHA hockey program for the 2015 - 2016 season click here to register on our waitlist.  Submitting this form is not a guarantee of a position in the DYHA hockey program, but it will place your son/daughter on our waitlist for the 2015 - 2016 hockey season. 

Submit this form ONLY if your child did not play in the DYHA hockey program for the 2014 - 2015 season.

Please note that the waitlist is cleared at the end of each season, and as such, if you were on the waitlist last season and wish to remain in consideration for a spot in the DYHA you must re-apply using the link that will be posted on the homepage of on January 15.

by posted 01/15/2015
Registration for the 2015-2016 Season

Below, please find information regarding DYHA registration for the upcoming 2015-2016 season:


  • Registration for RETURNING PLAYERS (1997 - 2008 Birth years) will open in early March 2015. Returning Players are those skaters currently rostered on DYHA teams.
  • Returning 2009 Birth year players and all 2010 players will be welcome to register as Mighty and Mini-Mites respectively in April 2015. 


  • Players not currently registered and rostered on DYHA teams (in birth years 1997-2009) who are interested in joining DYHA for the 2015-2016 season should register on the Waitlist which opens January 15, 2015.
  • If your player has any siblings (born in 2009 or earlier and not currently a DYHA player) interested in joining DYHA next season, please register them on the waitlist. 


For more information on DYHA programs or 2015-2016 Registration, please contact:


Registration: Dawn Bryson

Travel Hockey (all ages):  Pat Mullin

Junior House Hockey (2005 to 2010 birth years): David Kreppein

Senior House Hockey (2004 - 1997 birth years): Tom Raymond

by posted 01/13/2015

“Shots today, memories tomorrow!”

Fairfield County Sports Photography has photographed your favorite hockey player(s) for Darien Youth Hockey this 2014-2014 season.

FCSP has/will upload your DYHA individual/team photos to this direct link:

Click on your squad and enjoy.


Fairfield County Sports Photography: One Somerset Lane, Riverside, CT 06878 or email 

by posted 10/22/2014
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