DYHA Refund Policy

When completing a registration for DYHA Hockey, and paying basic tuition, that player is guaranteed a position in our house program and has the right to then try out for the appropriate DYHA travel team.  The basic tuition is non-refundable, except under the limited exceptions expressly provided below or in an executed Travel Commitment Letter.  This is because the registration is taken as a serious commitment by the registering family to participate in the DYHA program and should be treated as such.  Tuition revenue is used early in the registration process to fund expenses critical to the operation of a successful DYHA program.
1.         Requests for Refund of Basic Tuition
The basic tuition is paid by all members.  Except as expressly provided below, refund requests from house players MUST BE REQUESTED by June 1 of the current registration year, and made via email to the DYHA Treasurer (find contact details at here).  Refund requests from house players made by June 1 will be granted and reimbursed in the amount of 50% of the basic tuition paid (less a 3% processing fee).  These refunds will be processed and paid in approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of the approval of the request. 


2.       Requests for Refunds of Travel Team Supplements
The travel supplement is non-refundable upon a player being rostered on a travel team except as specifically provided in the Travel Commitment Letter.  A player is considered rostered when the player is selected for the travel team and executes the Travel Commitment Letter.
3.       Refund Policy Exceptions

Requests for refunds under the following refund policy exceptions are made via email to the DYHA Treasurer (find contact details at here) 

·         Midgets, U14Girls, U19Girls:  For Midget /U14 Girls /U19 Girls Travel teams, players who register and pay the basic tuition but fail to make a Midget team or Girls U14 or U19 Travel teams will be eligible for a FULL tuition refund (less a 3% processing fee) after the completion of the travel team tryout process.


·         Bantams and SrMajor House Players Making High School Teams:
Registered players who lose their eligibility by playing for their CIAC high school hockey team are eligible for a refund amount of 50% of the basic tuition and travel supplement paid (less a 3% processing fee), if they relinquish their spot on the DYHA team.


4.     DYHA Injured Player Refund Policy 

In the event a player incurs an injury that renders the player unable to play for the remainder of the player’s team’s season (a “season ending hockey injury”), the player may be eligible for a refund of registration fees and travel supplements paid.  Refunds will be in the form of a credit to be applied to future registration fees and travel supplements. The credit can only be applied to the account of the injured player. The amount of the refund for which the player may be eligible will be based on the date the player notifies DYHA he/she does not intend to return to play and provides the required physician’s documentation that the player has incurred a season ending hockey injury:
Prior to the start of the season – 100%
Prior to December 15 – 50%
On or after December 15 – 0%.  

In order to be eligible for a refund, the player will need to provide written documentation from a physician stating the player has suffered a “season ending injury” and cannot return to play. Refunds may only be granted if the player is in good standing and paid in full.  Refunds will be processed and paid in approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of the approval of the request.

In order to try out for the next season after a “season ending injury”, the player must provide a “clear to participate in the sport of hockey” letter from the player’s physician prior to being allowed on the ice for tryouts.
The DYHA Board of Directors reserves the right to review all requests for refund based on injury to consider, among other things, compliance with this policy and extraordinary circumstances, at its sole discretion.


  • Special Exceptions:

DYHA will consider, at its sole discretion, a “special exception” basic tuition refund request based on extraordinary circumstances.  Please note that deciding not to play in the DYHA Program, whether house or travel, or to play at another program, is not considered an extraordinary circumstance warranting a “special exception” refund.  Refunds or credits will be processed and paid in approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of the approval of the request.