• Travel Tryout fees will now be payable either by credit card at registration OR by check.  Please have one or other method of payment with you.  The Travel Tryout Fee Schedule appears in the table included below.
  • Travel Supplements are now payable via Credit Card at the time a member executes their Letter of Commitment upon being offered, and accepting, a roster spot on a Travel Team. 
    The Travel Supplement Schedule appears in the table below. 
    Members who wish to continue to pay via check, please bring a check for the appropriate amount (one check per player) to Tryout Registration. 
    Members will have 48 hours from being offered a spot to both execute their Letter of Commitment and pay the Travel Supplement online (if a check was not brought to tryout registration).
  • DYHA Code of Conduct – It is now 2 pages and includes the text of the Letter of Commitment.  Execution of the Code of Conduct evidences awareness of the terms of the Letter of Commitment and the need to execute it upon being offered a spot on a Travel Team.

Please bring the following documents with you on the first day of DYHA travel tryouts. Please make sure that they are completed in their entirety before you arrive at the rink.
All program registration fees ($1200 plus late fee, if applicable) must be paid in advance or you must have made prior arrangements with the for financial aid.
Players without the proper paperwork will not be permitted to tryout.
If opting to bring checks, any checks listed below need to be separate checks - they cannot be combined into one check.  Checks written for multiple players should be separated as well.

  1. DYHA Payment Receipt for the 2017-2018 Returning/New Player Registration, or, if trying out as a Non-Registered player, a check for $1200 payable to DYHA for the registration fee.
  2. Method of Payment for Tryout Fee (credit card or check)
  3. DYHA Code of Conduct – signed by Parent and Player
  4. USA Hockey Code of Conduct – signed by player
  5. USA Hockey Consent to Treat
  6. Non-registered players only – USA Hockey Waiver
  7. Any travel supplement payment IF choosing to pay by check, payable to DYHA

Questions on Tryout Registration contact DYHA Registrar,


2017-2018 Season Fee Schedule

                  Tryout Fee          Travel Supplement

Midget Major    $150                      $350

Midget Minor    $150                      $350

Bantam           $150                      $3450

Pee Wee          $175                      $3300

Squirt              $175                      $2750

Mite A/A1         $150                     $2750


U10                 $  TBD                    
U12                 $  TBD              
U14                 $  TBD            
U16                 $  TBD                  
U19                 $  incl in supp         

Tryouts for DYHA Travel teams will be posted shortly.  Questions about DYHA?  Contact DYHA Registrar,